Covid Testing

LX Medical is working with local high-complexity labs to offer both COVID-19 antibody tests, and PCR based/molecular tests for active infection.

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Additional Information

LX Medical is working with local high-complexity labs to provide BOTH the serology (blood based) antibody testing for COVID-19 and PCR molecular nasal swabs that test for ACTIVE infection.

Regarding PCR molecular nasal swab tests looking for ACTIVE infection:

We utilize tests from a local high-complexity lab, their test is on the FDA EUA approval list.  

ALL PCR type tests that utilize nasopharyngeal sampling can have false negatives.  It is LX Medical's strong recommendation, that regardless of result, community members should continue to abide by CDC and MN Department of Health guidelines for self-quarantine restrictions and recommendations.  

If you are having viral symptoms or are concerned about active infection, our team can help guide you with the most up-to-date information either before your test, or at time of testing.

Regarding antibody tests:

  • Quest Diagnostics utilizes laboratory technology to identify the presence of IgG COVID-19 antibody from a blood sample.   Given that it's not a point of care test, it has better accuracy and helps to eliminate human and test strip error.

  • Quest Diagnostics utilizes their own test, as well as tests from Abbott, Roche, and Euroimmun. All are on the FDA EUA approval list.  This does not mean the tests have been FORMALLY and fully approved by the FDA.  More can be found on the Quest website by CLICKING HERE. 

  • We are excited about this partnership as it will allow us to stay on the forefront of COVID-19 testing solutions as Quest continues to develop/utilize more types of tests.  It also gives community members the option to go to a clinic or stay at home for blood sample collection.

Important to note, Quest Diagnostics’ current test ONLY looks for the IgG, *long term antibody*.  This type of antibody generally takes at least 2-weeks to develop post exposure.  So, everyone we are testing needs to EITHER be greater than 2 weeks from the start of concerning illness, or be looking to see if they may have been exposed at some point and recovered without symptoms.  We do not yet know what immunity looks like in regards to COVID 19, but these antibody tests are important for individuals further understanding their risk and for data collection so that we can better understand COVID 19 in our local Minnesota community.