Services We Offer


Acute Conditions


Cough and cold symptoms

Strep throat

Ear infection




Migraines and headaches

Pink eye


Bloody nose

Musculoskeletal injuries including back pain

Stomach flu

Bladder infections

Skin infections

Much more

Acute care services

Everything can be done quickly, safely, and in your home:

COVID-19 testing

Strep test

Flu test

Mono test 

Laceration repair

Basic labs

Intravenous (IV) fluids

Administration of medications (PO, IM & IV)

Splinting/fracture care

Joint Injections

Nebulizer treatments

Ear Flush

And other NON-EMERGENCY procedures

**We also have access to off-site imaging (see FAQ for more information)

Cosmetic and IV Therapy Services



Dermal Fillers 

Customizable IV therapy for better energy, better recovery, better performance, better immune system, and anti-aging

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Look Great. Feel Better.


MEMBERS get TeleMedicine for free, whether you're at home, at your cabin, or on vacation and abroad.  Your health is our priority, and you deserve to have access to your team whenever you really need it -- at the time of an acute medical issue.

Common TeleMedicine-appropriate issues:

Sinus infections

Bladder infections

Flu-like symptoms

Common cold


Medication refills

Medical advice when you're out of town

All follow-up visits to ensure full recovery

*After the visit, if it is determined that we need to dispatch an LX Medical provider to your home, we can seamlessly accomplish this.*​

Professional doctor in a smartphone givi


No hidden fees

On-Demand, non-membership prices

Travel Fee: $100 (waived if a member)

Types of Visits (10% off with membership)

Medical assessment/treatment plan: $150

Advanced assessment/treatment plan: $250

Simple Laceration Visit: $200

Complex Laceration Visit: $300

In-home testing add-ons (10% off with membership)

Covid: +$145

Strep: +$30

Influenza: +$50

Mono: +$30

Glucose: +$20

Urinalysis: +$30

Urine Pregnancy: +$20

Blood Chemistry: +$100

Diagnostic Bedside Ultrasound: +$80

In-home procedure add-ons (10% off with membership)

Joint Splinting: +$100

Joint injection: +$150

Ear Wash: +$20

Finger/Dental Nerve Block: +$55

Nebulizer Treatment: +$50

Tetanus Shot: +$75

Influenza Vaccine: +$40

Oral Medication: +$10/medication

IV/IM Medication: +$50/medication

IV Fluids for teens/adults only (Normal Saline): $100

IV add-ons (10% off with membership)

The Myers: $159

The Peak Performance/Anti-Aging Treatment: $299

The Athletic & Recovery Cocktail: $175

LX Medical Hangover Cure: $120 (plus medication add-ons)

*See the IV Therapy page for more information

BOOST intramuscular injections: (10% off with membership)

B-12: +$30

Glutathione: +$50

NAD+: +$350 (must book in advance)

*See the IV Therapy page for more information

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